I grew up in Cham, a small town in Germany, and always dreamed of seeing the
world. Books were my escape, showing me different worlds and characters and taking
me on many exciting journeys. Later, in my twenties and thirties, I traveled a
lot and interacted with people from different cultures, countries, and
traditions. It opened my eyes to everything that’s possible in this world.

In my mid-thirties, I ended up in California, where I found true love. For
17 years, I lived in San Francisco, where I felt at home among its
multi-cultural population and the beautiful architecture. For a few years, my
husband and I even lived in a gorgeous 1906 Victorian house in the middle of
Haight Ashbury. But the constant fog and cold air in San Francisco didn’t agree
with my health, so we moved several times, until we settled in the small beach
town of San Clemente in Southern California.

I started writing romance in 2008 when I still lived in San Francisco, and
the city provided the ideal backdrop for my beloved vampires. I started self-publishing
in 2010, and thanks to the advent of digital publishing and ebooks, I was able
to quit my finance manager job, and write full-time by 2011. I’ve now sold over
2 million copies and given away an additional million copies to introduce
readers to my writing.

Rarely a day goes by when I don’t write or plot. My writing days are
interspersed with dealing with business issues, such as setting up my own
store, or with translating my books into German. I can’t imagine doing anything

Each book is like a new baby for me: precious, exciting, and a labor of

I hope my books allow you to switch off from the realities of life, and take
you to a different world, where love is eternal, and every hero is perfect.

Have fun reading!